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About us

Priform fabrica y comercializa material postformado para la cocina, baño, oficina y hogar.

Priform is a company founded in 1995 in La Garriga, Barcelona, Spain, focused on the manufacturing and commercialization of postforming material for kitchens, bathrooms, offices and homes.
We are well established in Spain as well as in international markets, and have a wide industry-specialised sales network.
We currently have production facilities for the manufacturing of post-formed bands, decorative boards covered with laminates (HPL or CPL), worktops and melamine boards.
Design, quality and innovation have always been our focus at Priform, with the objective to offer our customers the solution that best suits their needs.
The selection of our designs is an integral part in our growth startegy. All collections are selected carefully according to the latest market trends, and with the collaboration of the major brands of laminate.

We work according to the strictest quality standards, to offer our customers the best products. The constant investment in our production plant confirms our vocation for a continuous quality improvement 


In a global and highly competitive market, innovation is a key aspect for the success of our Company. In Priform we are continuously in search of new solutions, in order to adapt to the new needs of the market.