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New worktops collection Formica 02/03/2015
We are glad to present our new HPL (high pressure laminate) postformed, as a partnership with Formica.

In order to give customer´s quality and service requirements, we have selected unique and original designs for kitchens.

You can see our brand new designs in our section: Collections --> Encimeras

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Priform sucessfully launches bands with gola handle incorporated 04/04/2014
It is the newest door handle system. From January 2014, Priform commercialises on an exclusive basis this new band system with handle incorporated for kitchens and bathrooms, with great market acceptance. Our bands, with built-in gola system, get rid of traditional handles by carving a curved notch along the top of the door itself, creating a space for fingers to perfectly grab the door or drawer and being able to open it comfortably. Visually, the result is excellent and customers obtain minimalist kitchen or bathroom designs, and  aesthetically clean .

On the picture, a close-up of the handle and the different designs in this new collection, which is called “Sherwood” and is available in several sizes to cover different needs.
Priform new corporate image 19/03/2014
We are glad to release Priform´s new corporate image, which reflects the changes that our company has experienced over the past years and which conveys the values of quality, design and innovation that distinguish us.

The new corporate image replaces the previous one, valid from the beginnings in 1995, when we started manufacturing post formed bands, countertops, counters, decorative panels coated with HPL or CPL laminate and melamine for the kitchen, bath, office and home.

Along with our corporate image update, we have just launched our new Website, adapted to our new image, and much more detailed and complete in all respects. With that tool, our aim is to provide our customers with a much more practical, up-to-date and useful area to offer them better service and customer care.

Please visit our new Website.